Sri Guru Raghavendra Temple Singapore

Sri Guru Raghavendra Temple Singapore

About Us

Sri Guru Raghavendra Society, Singapore was formed by a group of devotees. A formal application was submitted in November 2004 to register as a Society. Our application was approved by The Registry of Society, Singapore (Religious) and was gazetted in the Singapore Government Gazette in 11th January 2005.

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Prana Prathistapana Mahotsava for Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy

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Slokas and More

Poojyaaya Raaghavendraaya

Sathya Dhrama Vrataayacha

Bhajataam Kalpa Vrikshaya

Namathaam Kaamadhenave

Guru History

Sri Raghavendra Swami was born as Sri Venkata Natha (Venkata Ramana), the second son of Sri Thimanna Bhatta and Smt. Gopikamba on Thursday, Sukla Navami of Phalguna month in 1595, when the moon was in Mrigashīrsha Nakshatra, at Bhuvanagiri, near present-day Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. Sri Thimmanna Bhatta was the son of Sri Kanakachala Bhatta and the grandson of Sri Krishna bhatta, a Veena scholar in the court of King Krishnadevaraya. Sri. Thimanna Bhatta and his wife, Smt. Gopikamba had a son, Gururajacharya and a daughter, Venkatamba.


Thus while his life was spent in the worship of God and service of humanity, his spiritual guru, Sri Sudheendra Theertharu, was looking for a successor to his math. He had a dream where the Lord indicated that Sri Venkatanatha would be the right person to succeed him as the pontiff. Sri Venkatanatha initially refused due to his responsibility towards his young wife and son but was soon blessed by the Goddess of Learning, where she in a dream indicated that he was to seek salvation as a Sanyasi. Sri Venkatanatha treated this as an omen and changed his mind. The sanyasa ordination took place in 1621 on the Phalguni Sukla Dwitiya at Tanjore.

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