Sri Guru Raghavendra Society, Singapore was formed by a group of devotees. A formal application was submitted in November 2004 to register as a Society. Our application was approved by The Registry of Society, Singapore (Religious) and was gazetted in the Singapore Government Gazette in 11th January 2005.

In 2020 a formal application was made to the Registry of Societies Singapore to change the name of the society to Sri Guru Raghavendra Temple, Singapore. The change of name was approved by the Registery of Socities Singapore on 10 June 2020 and we are now known as Sri Guru Raghavendra Temple Singapore.

Guru Sloka

Poojyaaya Raaghavendraaya

Sathya Dhrama Vrataayacha

Bhajataam Kalpa Vrikshaya

Namathaam Kaamadhenave

Meaning: I prostrate before the venerable Guru Raghavendra who is always professing Truth and Righteousness, the One who is like the kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) and kamadhenu (celestial cow indicating prosperity) to the devotees

Our Objective

The objectives of the Temple are as follows:-

To promote the teachings of Sri Guru Raghavendra.

To promote religious tolerance and preserve inter-racial harmony.

To preserve family ties and channel the vigor of youth into productive activities.

To provide facilities for and to promote the educational, spiritual, moral,cultural and social interests of its members.

To hold lectures, talks, debates, discussions, symposia or seminars in promoting racial harmony.

To accept funds required for the purposes of the Temple by way of donations, gifts or benefactions in cash or kind.

To provide social services like, counseling, aftercare, relief work and volunteer services, based on the Guru’s teachings.

To hold mentally & physically courses / class for our Temple at large.

To do all other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any one of them, including undertaking various fund raising and other activities for the support of the Temple with the prior approval of the relevant authorities, where applicable, provided always that such activities shall not be undertaken solely for commercial gain or profit.


The Temple is allowed to admit members under the following categories :-

1. Patrons - Distinguished Person

2. Honorary Membership - Distinguished Person(s)

3. Life Membership - One-time payments

4. Ordinary Membership - Yearly payments

5. Associate Membership - Yearly payments(Non Citizens)


Outline of some future plans for the Temple :-

To look for a premises to conduct all the activities and turn into a Centre for all races to meditate / prayers.

To conduct joint projects with other organizations, such as, conduct visits to the Home for the Aged , Children’s Home, Home for the Sick & Unfortunate and conduct group singing by Chanting of Mantras at Funeral Wakes, Prayer visit the Sick in Hospitals.

To find ways to raise funds for the Temple.

To form various sub-committees to attract mass participation from members. In this way many members will be involved when major activities are organized by the Temple.

To work with other religious bodies to fulfill our objectives.


The activities which has been in operation since we started are as follows :-

Weekly Prayers - Every Thursdays

Home Bhajans – Upon request

New Year Prayers for the well being of our country - 1st January

Guru’s Birthday and PattahbishegamPrayers / Chanting

Mass Chanting - Combine singing / chanting with other religious groups.

Befriending sessions conducted by our RayarSahaya volunteers at the Meranti Home and Yoga for the seniors at the Swamy Home

Annual Toursto South India &MalaysiaTemples.

Family Day Annually.

Father’s Day Prayers

Fund Raising Activities

03 Days Aaradanai Celebrations for Guru.


The activities which were stored in our pipelines are as follows :-

To set-up a One-Stop Clinic, to provide assistances in directing the mankind who needs advise in legal procedures, assistance in medical matters,financial assistances , broken down homes , educational assistances , corrective measures to family members , provision supplements and areas where we could direct them for help and assistances.

To purchase a permanent location for our Guru’s Brindavan – ownership of a premises for the Temple.

Pledge-Drive, an undertaking of devotees, well-wishers, relatives and friends to contribute a sum of money voluntarily towards our building fund and for activities funds.


Presently our funds are all contributions from devotees, well-wishers, relatives of devotees, friends, in the form of cash donations, sponsorship of project-by-project basis